Former Navy Football Player and Military Hero, Returns Home to Coach and Elevate High School Football Program

Douglasville, June 4, 2023 – Ricky Dobbs, a former Navy football player, military hero, and esteemed community activist, has decided to pass up running for mayor to return to his high school alma mater as a coach. Dobbs aims to leave a lasting positive impact on Douglas County, the community of Douglasville, and the local football program.

Dobbs, known for his exceptional leadership skills both on and off the field, rose to prominence as a standout football player during his time at Douglas County High School. Following graduation, he joined the United States Navy, where he further honed his leadership abilities and achieved commendable success as a football player for the Naval Academy.

After completing his military service, Dobbs transitioned into community activism, dedicating his efforts to various charitable causes and uplifting his hometown. As news of Dobbs potentially running for mayor circulated, many residents were hopeful that his dedication and commitment to service would extend into local politics. However, Dobbs surprised many when he announced his decision to return to his roots and focus on his high school football program instead.

“Although running for mayor would have been an incredible opportunity to effect change on a larger scale, I firmly believe that my heart belongs to this community, and it’s here where I can make the most significant difference,” expressed Dobbs during a press conference held at Douglas County High School.

Dobbs has committed himself to coaching and fundraising efforts aimed at revitalizing and supporting the Douglas County High School football program. Recognizing the transformative power of sports in young athletes’ lives, he aims to create an environment where students can develop both their athletic abilities and personal character.

The decision to return to his high school and coach aligns with Dobbs’ long-standing belief in the power of mentorship and the impact it can have on shaping young minds. By instilling discipline, teamwork, and resilience in his players, Dobbs hopes to guide them toward success on and off the field.

Additionally, Dobbs intends to spearhead fundraising initiatives to provide much-needed resources for the football program. By rallying the community’s support, he aims to secure funds for equipment upgrades, facility improvements, and scholarships for deserving athletes who might otherwise face financial barriers.

The news of Dobbs’ return to his high school has been met with overwhelming enthusiasm from the Douglasville community. Residents see his decision as a testament to his unwavering commitment to Douglas County’s well-being and a demonstration of his continued desire to leave a positive and lasting imprint on the area.

As Ricky Dobbs steps onto the sidelines of Douglas County High School, he carries with him a legacy of dedication, service, and leadership. Through his coaching and fundraising efforts, he hopes to mold a new generation of talented athletes while strengthening the bond between the high school and the community. Dobbs’ return is not only a win for the football program but also a victory for Douglasville as a whole.

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